16 Seater Buses

There are two options available.

  • Toyota Hiace Sesfikile (Please note until 2021 this bus was called Quantum Sesfikile)
  • Nissan Impendulo

Hiace Sesfikile 2.7 Petrol R540 000 Hiace Sesfikile 2.5 Diesel R575 000 and is available brand new in both Petrol and Diesel

Nissan Impendulo Bus is only available in Petrol form and has a 2.5L engine and is an excellent Bus (as of February 2022 the Nissan bus is no longer offered brand new)

Both the Toyota and Nissan are modern, safe and ultra-reliable vehicles

 Safety Features

  • Dual Airbags
  • ABS Brakes
  • Seatbelts on all seats

Luxury Features

  • Power steering
  • Radio with Bluetooth is standard on all vehicles sold by us
  • Towbar is standard on all vehicles sold by us
  • Air-Conditioning is a R24 000 option

Warranty / Service Intervals / Service Plans

  • 3 Year 100 000km Warranty
  • 10 000km or annually on the Hiace’s and 15 000km or annually on the Nissan
  • The Toyota Hiace come with a 3 year 60 000km service plan

Fuel Consumption

Hiace 2.5 diesel                            10.10 L  per 100km’s

Impendulo 2.5 petrol                    12.80 L  per 100km’s

Hiace 2.7 petrol                            13.80 L  per 100km’s

Future Resale Value

The reason I recommend the Toyota and Nissan unhesitatingly is their exceptional longevity and their future resale value. I would be prepared to offer the School 80% of original purchase price back at any time between 2023 and 2028


We are in a position to offer finance to any school in South Africa. We make it incredibly simple and hassle free. There are no letters of permission required from the department whatsoever.  Pre-approval is guaranteed up to R850 000

Loan term from 12 to 60 months. There is no deposit required. The school is however welcome to put down as much of a deposit as they wish to reduce the monthly re-payments

Payments are R2400pm over 60 months for every R 100 000 financed

Licence requirements

Only a normal code 08 car licence is required

Additional Charges

There are Zero!

Price quoted includes delivery anywhere in SA

  • A full tank of fuel on delivery is included
  • Licence and registration as well as number plates are included

Important Note

Flag decals are removed prior to delivery at no extra charge

Second Hand

We have a range of beautiful one owner Nissan buses from 2014 to 2022 models all with under 80 000 km. Prices range from R290 000 to R450 000

Minibuses Wanted values your business and it is our sole aim to provide the best pricing, unbeatable service and maintain a long term relationship with the school. If there are any questions whatsoever please let me know. I am also available with pleasure after hours if your SGB meeting takes place in the evenings

Regards MBW Team

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Please Note

All new Nissan and Toyota buses are invoiced and delivered to you by a Nissan or Toyota Dealer.