Welcome to the Auto & Bus Family!

Auto & Bus, owned by Michael Pashut, opened in 1991 and is based upon the principle of being the customer. We at Auto & Bus understand our clients’ perspective and strive to present everything from entry-level vehicles to luxury vehicles and buses that take into account the needs and wants of the client. We proudly consider our country’s schools and tour operators our most valuable clients. Within our 26 years of operation we have had 2300 schools as clients which further highlights our community spirit.

All our vehicles are sold with a road worthy certificate, full tank of fuel and delivery costs included. The price advertised is inclusive of VAT and there are no surcharges whatsoever.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a vehicle, we endeavor to provide you with superb service.

New Vehicles

There are many reasons why you’d want to buy a new car: it’s a symbol of accomplishment, that new car smell, technology evolving with each new model and of course, bragging rights.  We at Auto & Bus want to give you the opportunity to change vehicles as often as possible and we do this by offering our clients the best value for previously-owned vehicles as well as the best purchase value for new vehicles. Our promise to our customers is that we will beat any written quote on a new vehicle.

We stock both entry-level vehicles and luxury vehicles alike ranging from Datsun to Jaguar. Our entry level cars are sustainable, safe and inexpensive to run while remaining a quality vehicle and our luxury vehicles provide first-class performance, comfort and class.

Previously-owned Vehicles

All our previously-owned vehicles have had only one owner and are exceptionally well-maintained. Our previously-owned vehicles are sources from private sales, companies, schools and other organisations. Under no circumstances do we purchase minibuses that have been government vehicles or taxis. All our vehicles carry a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee and all our buses have a one year, 100-kilometer guarantee.


We offer finance from all major banks including ABSA Vehicle Finance, Wesbank, Standard Bank and Nedbank MFC. We also offer various leasing options.

Extraordinary Service

Our service is designed around the perspective of the client, thinking what our clients want and presenting it in the simplest way possible.


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